Parade of Homes

2017  SHBA Parade of Homes
Saturday, August 26 [10-5] & Sunday, August 27 [12-5]

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2017 Showcase House           223 Chestnut Oak Drive, Florence

                                     decorated by Riverworks Design Studio


Brink Brothers Builders, LLC               303 Sherborne Court, Florence

Oakley Homes, LLC                                    233 Chestnut Oak Drive, Florence

Preston Engineering & Construction, LLC               200 Freemon Drive, Rogersville

Reid Construction of Florence, LLC              220 Oldenburg Drive, Killen  

RGC Group, Inc.                                                      185 Valley Grove Street, Tuscumbia

RGC Group, Inc. [#2]                                               68 Rockwood Drive, Tuscumbia

RGC Group, Inc. [#3]                                              138 Valley Grove Street, Tuscumbia

Saint Builders, Inc.                                           151 Ashley Drive, Tuscumbia

W.C. Baker Company, LLC                                    119 Dalton Lane, Tuscumbia

 Google Map Link for Entire Parade:

Homes above are identified by red markers on map